General Services Provided by AEC Virtual Partner

All services & tasks listed in the categories below will be performed by our expert team of professionals at the same hourly rate. No task is too big or too small so we may provide you a customized service package for your unique business needs. Please review all the services offered and we will be happy to work with you right away!

admin assistance

Admin Assistance

Let us take care of the boring, repetitive administrative tasks that take up your time, without the cost and hassle of hiring full-time staff. We will help keep you productive, organized and efficient.

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Marketing and Writing

Grow your business with expert multi-language writing & marketing. We can perform both offline and online professional writing and marketing services for local, regional and International markets.

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Customer Support

We will provide brilliant service to your customers at minimal cost. Let our team of multi-lingual support professionals handle your client support both offline and online.

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Sell more of your products & services using our team of sales staff without the need to hire full-time sales reps. Our sales professionals will increase your sales while increasing your bottom-line net profits.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our highly qualified financial team can provide assistance with everything financial for your business. Services include offline and online accounting and reporting. We will keep your business financials on track and easily managed.

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HR & Recruitment

Use our many years of recruitment and human resource experience to access the most qualified employee prospects for your business. Avoid the high cost of executive and staff recruitment by outsourcing the task to our expert team of professionals.

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