Over the past 15 years of dedicated experience in the field of international business consulting services, we have proudly achieved the highest success rates for service to our clients.  We know exactly what our clients need and want to compete in today’s market. Our responsibilities to our clients by providing a range of services to fulfill their needs and support them through our latest technology for marketing – from web designer, digital marketing, set-up online services with bookkeeping, live chat agents and payment methods.

We, IMT Group Co., Ltd, are an international business consulting agency established in Bangkok, Thailand. We provide a wide range of virtual assistance services, including admin, marketing writing, customers support, sales, accounting and bookkeeping, visa consulting, online services and offshore services. Our clients come from around the world, with the majority of them from the Asia, North America, South America, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. We provide our clients with extensive knowledge of technology in modern business, international trading laws and know-how to do business across the border. Also we fulfill their needs to get into the AEC market and global market.   Our professionalism and capability in handling the individual or company requirements of our clients in a thorough and sensitive manner is well recognized by our clients.