At AEC Virtual Partner, you have full access to our diverse business professionals and services without the need of hiring staff yourself. You only pay for the services you use leveraging your time and money. Give your business an unfair advantage over your competition and start using the power of a virtual partner.


Our general business services cover all administrative and financial operations including customer support, market research, sales, human resources & multi-language translation and interperter services. Use our extensive professional business experience to grow your business to the next level.

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Now more than ever, businesses need to compete in the online marketplace. Let us provide you with completely managed and affordable online services such as website design and maintenance, promotion and social media services to boost your profits and keep you competitive.

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We have extensive and affordable solutions for any sized domestic SME business. We can assist expansion into the ASEAN/AEC marketplace as well as provide services for foreign businesses to enter into the marketplace as well. Leveraging our years of experience lets you can focus on what you do best.

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The security and benefits of offshore company formation and banking have never been more needed than they are now. Politial & financial instability makes these services an important component when doing international business. Let us provide you the best options available to secure your business future.

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